Google Adwords sucks, and it was just a matter of time until someone came along to
knock them off their high horse and folks…

That’s Facebook. They are OWNING Google in the Advertising space right now and they are just warming up…

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My friend Ryan Deiss has officially FIRED
Google for search advertising and switched
my entire budget to Facebook
(except for Gmail)



1. Facebook has way more traffic. Over 39
BILLION page views a month.

2. You can TARGET ads so that they only
show up in front of people who really want
to see them… duh!

3. Facebook is simple to use and fast, you’ll be
getting killer traffic in just a few hours.

4. Facebook ads are 1/4 – HALF the cost of Google

5. Facebook loves affiliates and they love their
advertiser and marketers…and about 100 other reasons.

Click the link below and I’ll explain the whole thing:

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Wait till you see the hottest trick that could
get you 1,273,838 ad views for FREE!

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Come join me in profits,

- Rich Szabo

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